At CENTINELA we have devised a total location system that integrates six different location systems and two tracking systems. The devices on the market use only GPS and work only outside the buildings. If the thieves keep what they have stolen inside a building, a GPS will not be able to locate it. CENTINELA has overcome that problem and is ALWAYS able to locate whatever has been stolen. Simply by using a smartphone you can track your stolen items to the inside of buildings, ensuring that you can get to the thief’s door no matter where he is hiding. Only CENTINELA is capable of doing that.

Remember. A GPS is not enough.

Centinela, is capable of overcoming that obstacle and also locates even if it is inside any building.

What do we do?

We manage to locate objects that have been stolen from you. Usually, you will be able to recover all your stolen items within a few minutes.

We all know it’s easy to be the victim of theft and that it’s almost impossible to prevent it. That’s why we focus all our efforts on the quick recovery of your possessions.

We continue to increase the applications of our technology.

How do we do it?

We make and supply hidden devices we call sentinels . We have designed different versions that match each situation.

The sentries are able to locate the stolen object no matter where the thief hides it. The customer may suffer the theft, but he knows where it has been hidden and can retrieve it.